Textile Production - Jürgen Fries

Fries Tunisie is a group of companies founded by Jürgen Fries in 1991. With its 350 employees it represents the production capacity of the company Fries of 500.000 pieces a year.
Social standards


Manufacturing your proper creation based on your specification.
Final product

Order a ready made product and add individualize it on your behalf.

Cut editing

The cutting layers are edited and printed by our own LECTRA team.
Incredient acquisition

Acquisition of small-part incredients as well as the entire fabric.
Flexible order size

Manufacture of prototypes, small series and large-scale production.
Vast product range

With our accumulated experience in the textile production we are able to process your entire product range.
Processing of heavy fabrics

A own production line is specalized on heavy fabrics such as tarpaulins and outdoor fabrics.

Embroderies are made on site or at specialized companies in our range.

renewable energy
We produce 100% of the energy required for the facility with our own PV installation.
We are committed to a resource-saving and sustainable production.
Social standards

Occupational and building safety is up to date and is regularly checked by domestic and foreign authorities.
We pay attention to good working conditions for our employees. Workstations are air-conditioned and break times are strictly adhered to.
Our employees are remunerated above the national industry average, and social security and pension contributions are paid in accordance with obligations.
For employees with families, we offer free childcare in the company's own childcare facility.
A brief insight into the company


Avenu Ibn Farness
Zone industrielle Dar chaabane
8011, Nabeul Tunisia


+216 72362311

Commercial Service


+216 97500914

+33 172690334